Living with her mother and stepfather, Tiffany faced blame, unjust punishment, and emotional distress. Moving away brought some relief, but lingering trauma led to overwhelming anxiety in crowded places, school, and around her stepfather’s children. Tiffany struggled with sleep, hygiene and persistent fears.

Allie, her therapist at HopeSprings, noticed Tiffany’s avoidance of discussing feelings but found success in play therapy. Using toys in the sensory room, Tiffany expressed her wishes for a “dream family.” Through play, Tiffany revealed her fears associated with her stepfather, symbolized by a dinosaur trying to tear the family apart.

Sessions helped Tiffany confront anxiety and build courage, fostering faith in her and her mother’s ability to protect each other. She now attends school regularly, maintains personal hygiene, and addresses her sleep anxiety. Play therapy enabled Tiffany to verbalize her emotions and has transitioned from weekly to biweekly sessions, showcasing significant progress in her journey toward feeling loved and cared for again.